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Thiccly GrowPole - 3.0 Pro Medium - 1 Pole

Thiccly GrowPole - 3.0 Pro Medium - 1 Pole

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This listing is for one pole. 

Product Dimensions (Assembled:) 15.75" H x 2.36" D

Give your plant a nice, sturdy support with Thiccly GrowPoles. Simply snap the clips into place, and fill with moss, an aroid potting mix, or your choice of substrate. Designed with the needs of epiphytes in mind, these eco-friendly supports are sure to promote mature foliage!  These poles are extendable with clips that secure poles together. There are also soil anchors to improve stability!  

Identically sized with GrowPole 2.0 Pro Medium. 40cm tall 6.5cm wide when folded.

Tried and trusted clip-lock extension.

T-shape self centering moisture release system.

Visit Thiccly For more information on their Animal Safety Pledge and waste reduction commitment. 

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