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Echeveria Blue Dragon

Echeveria Blue Dragon

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Echeveria Blue Dragon has vibrant red tips on leaves of green.

Succulents enjoy lots of light in a warm, arid climate. Currently, all succulents and/or cacti in our shop receive approximately 14 hours of sunlight under LED Grow Lights, with temperatures hovering around 50F.

Please note, if temperatures in your area are under 45F at night, please consider adding a heat pack to your order!

All plants are shipped bare root, with no pot or soil. The roots will be dry at time of shipping, and the plant will be wrapped polyfill, soft tissue paper, or toilet paper. The plant is then wrapped in black tissue paper, and then place in a box and securely packed so that no movement occurs in transit.

Upon arrival to your home, plant into a well-draining soil mix, and water the plant thoroughly.

Please note, plants can change color with fluctuating temperatures, or they could stretch or change shape slightly in transit.

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