Plant Rescue Boxes

In partnership with The Plant Rescuer, we sell Plant Rescue Boxes! Every year, thousands of plants are simply thrown away due to looking less than perfect. In an effort to reduce the amount of plants being needlessly thrown away, these boxes will contain plants that need a little extra love to grow to their full potential.

We saved over 300 plants in the USA during 2022. Our goal for 2023 is 10,000!

Rescue Me

Notice bugs crawling on your new plants?

We've ditched chemical pesticides and now use predatory and beneficial insects to control pests and promote healthy, bioactive substrate. If you receive a plant with bugs on it, fear not! They're friends, not foe.

mixture of leca, soil, perlite,

Caring for your plants in a way that works for you.

What growing medias are suitable for your lifestyle and your plants? Do you want to go Semi-Hydro? How do you want to propagate your plants? Living Sphagnum Moss? What about water propagation? Check our care guides for tips about caring for Succulents, Cacti, and Aroids!

Care Guides