Plant Care Guides

Learning about plant care can be overwhelming.
Our approach to plant care is adaptive, as there's no "one size fits all" method that works for everyone.
We strive to provide information that allows you to make an educated decision.

Understanding Variegation

A guide for understanding how variegation in botany works. We delve into the different forms of variegation, what the cause is, and more.

Variegation Madness

Beneficial Insects for pest control

A fast growing choice for many indoor gardens. A beginner's guide of what to expect, bugs to use, and application.

You're Buggin'

Soils and Amendments

There are many choices for soils and amendments for your houseplants, it can be overwhelming. Start here for some options, and why we love them.

Get Dirty

Plant Rehabilitation

Got a plant that's in a struggle puddle, or got yourself some Rescue Plants? Here are some tips for diagnosing the issue, and how to help your plant bounce back.

Save My Plant

Aroid Care

The wonderful world of Araceae plants offer an extraordinary array of genera, with thousands of species. Learn about some of the care for these arums.

'Roided Out


Propagation is a natural part of plant parent's journey. Learn about different methods of propagation and tips for success.

Chop and Prop

Succulent and Cacti Care

Succulents and Cacti are commonly misrepresented as low maintenance plants, but their care needs go much further than you would think!

Succ it