• mixture of leca, soil, perlite,

    Soils and Amendments

    There’s an abundance of choices for soil mixes available, or you can buy amendments to create your own mix. Every plant has different soil and nutrition needs. Some plants prefer higher moisture, whereas others like to be dry.

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  • Lighting

    Giving your plants the right type of lighting will help them flourish and thrive, and bring out their best colors. There’s so many choices, and it can be difficult to choose a starting point. Read more to find out about the lighting I use for my collections.

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  • Pest Control and Fertilizers

    Pests are inevitable part of gardening! From Mealybugs, to Spider Mites, Thrips, and more, we all end up with some bugs in our garden. Gone untreated or unnoticed, they can be devastating to a collection. Read more to find out how you can fight those pesky pests!

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  • Succulent Care

    Succulents and Cacti are commonly misrepresented as low maintenance plants, but their care needs go much further than you would think!

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  • Aroid Care

    The watering, lighting and nutritional needs can vary wildly from plant to plant. In this guide you will find some generalized care tips if you are just starting out!

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  • Understanding Variegation

    Variegation is mesmerizing, whether chunky and sectoral, or subtle and streaky. There’s lots of different looking variegation patters to explore.

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