Soils and Nutrients

Choosing a good soil for you plants plays a major role in how healthy they will grow to be. With how many ready-to-use choices that are available, it can be overwhelming to choose. Over the years I’ve found some favorites, and some that just don’t work too well for me.

Store Bought Soils

This section is geared towards succulents and cacti, as I mix my own soils for Aroids. You can find information of Aroid soil mixes here.

One of my all time favorites for a quick, out-of-the bag soil, I recommend Black Gold Cactus Mix. It drains really well, and the compost in the mix is nutrient rich, always causing a growth spurt in my gardens. I never found the need to add anything to it, and highly recommend it for beginners.

Another brand I have come to love is EB Stone Organics. Their succulent and cacti mix contains pumice, lava rock, and sand to aid with drainage, and I’ll tell you what: it works. I find it dries out quicker than any other mix I have ever used, and the plants seem to really love it. If you’re a lazy waterer like I really want to be, you may want something more like the Black Gold Mix

I find a lot of people reach for Miracle-Gro Cactus Mix since it is widely available in most stores that sell anything related to gardening. If you choose to use this mix, I highly recommend adding a 50% ratio of perlite or pumice since it retains a lot of moisture. This led to a number a casualties in my early days of collecting, since the retention would lead to rot.

Soil Additives and Their Benefits



Perlite is created from a volcanic glass that is treated with heat to cause expansion, making it incredibly lightweight and porous. It is great for aeration and the prevention of soil compaction, and drainage. Perlite is used in many soil mixes for its aeration properties, and can even be used as a media to amplify humidity. It can also aid in rooting stubborn propagations. When using perlite, you should spray it down with water, as it is very dusty.



Pumice is also a volcanic rock substrate that has similar properties and uses as perlite, but proves to be more durable, as it can be sterilized and reused time and time again. Pumice is more porous, making it slightly more effective at either water retention, or aeration. The air bubbles in the rock are great for retaining vital nutrients, and releasing them over time. This is a great additive to any soil. If using in a soilless mix, you will see the benefit of reduced pests and fungal issues.



Leca is a Hydroponic growing media, but it can be used in soil mixes for aiding drainage, reducing potential rot issues, moisture retention and humidity dispersion; it can even be sterilized and reused over and over again. If using in a soilless mix, you will see reduced pest or fungal issues, but you will need to regularly add nutrients, and do ‘flushes’ to keep the media healthy.

For more in depth reading on Leca, see the Leca Propagation page.

Coconut Coir


Coconut coir chunks, or a ground coir are a great soil amendment for aroids, as it holds onto calcium and magnesium, and slowly releases potassium and nitrogen. Chunks can be used as a replacement for a bark.

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